"At the very heart of Anphar's mission is our commitment to developing and manufacturing products that promote good health and well-being and this begins with ensuring that every one of those products meets the highest standards for quality. Quality has always been and will always remain Anphar's first priority and we will never stop striving to find new and better ways to ensure the quality of all of Anphar's products."

Anil Gupta
Managing Director


"At Anphar, we practice dignity & equity in relationships & provide opportunities for our people to realize their full potential. At Anphar, Customer Satisfaction is fundamental to our business. At Anphar, we provide products and services of highest quality.At Anphar, we care for life."

Rattandeep Singh Anand
Jt. Managing Director



Anphar Laboratories Pvt. Limited

Anphar Laboratories was incorporated on 15th January 1987. Anphar Laboratories has entered this business with the promise and commitment.It provide best quality material at a cheaper price to the pharmaceutical industry.